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With sales, it's like with sex; everyone thinks they know how to do it, but only a few are outstanding at it.

Our methodology is the result of a 10-year experience in both sales and management. The vast majority of this time has been spent in the automotive industry. This industry places a tremendous emphasis on proper training for sales departments. Car manufacturers allocate millions of dollars to develop effective training programs for their salespeople. Additionally, in car dealerships, we encounter some of the most advanced customer service standards and sales processes that every employee must adhere to. Mystery shoppers visit car dealerships several times a month to verify whether the appropriate procedures are being followed. All of this has allowed us to develop a methodology that has the greatest impact on improving results. During this time, we have had the opportunity to create sales strategies and sales processes for renowned brands such as Renault, Volkswagen, Volvo, and Porsche.

However, our experience is not limited to the Polish market alone. In 2024, we also had the opportunity to gain several months of experience in team building in the United States. This proved to be an excellent opportunity for exchanging experiences and looking at sales issues from the perspective of the American market.

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Everyone deals with the roles of both salesperson and customer at some point in their lives. We’ve all gone through the process of selling and buying, often with varying experiences. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to learn the principles of effective salesmanship. Many entrepreneurs and business owners possess specialized knowledge in their field, but rarely are they prepared for the role of a salesperson or sales manager. Thus, they lack the knowledge of how to properly manage sales. Sales is a topic seldom covered in academic studies, and workplaces often lack dedicated training in this area. This leads to low sales effectiveness. We understand that sales skills are not innate traits. It’s something that anyone can learn if provided with the right tools. We aim to improve this effectiveness so that everyone has access to the knowledge of how to improve their own or their company’s results.

Values in NVBSC

1. Excellence: We strive to provide services of the highest quality, constantly refining our methods and approaches.

2. Partnership: We build lasting relationships based on trust and collaboration with clients to collectively achieve their business goals.

3. Innovation: We seek innovative solutions and methods that bring real benefits to our clients.

4. Adaptability: Tailoring our approach to the needs of each client and adjusting our actions to their specific requirements.

5. Development: We invest in the development of our employees and continuously expand our knowledge to be a leader in the consulting industry.

6. Passion: We engage in our projects with passion and commitment, which translates into better results and client satisfaction.

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