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How have we helped others? Our happy case study:

Authorized Porsche Car Dealership

What have we helped achieve?

  • Preparation and implementation of internal and sales processes followed by their deployment,
  • Tightening the sales funnel resulting in less than 3% of unattended customers,
  • Average effectiveness of the sales team increased to 23%,
  • Customer satisfaction level at 97%,
  • Achievement of the Dealer of the Year 2022 award,
  • Mystery shopping results scored at 95%,
  • Successful execution of all set sales plans,
  • Expansion of the sales team meeting brand’s strict standards,
  • Achievement of a record-breaking sales result in December 2022 on a European scale.
During our collaboration, we managed to achieve the vast majority of set goals. An additional challenge during this cooperation was adapting necessary actions to globally respected standards and systems. Nevertheless, this collaboration definitely brought immense benefits to the dealership.

AdventureGames Inc - American Team Building Company

What have we helped achieve?

  • Preparation and implementation of the sales process into the enterprise’s IT systems,
  • Increase in the effectiveness of the sales department to 25%,
  • Preparation of an incentive system for the sales department employees,
  • Preparation and implementation of a reporting system for the sales department and measuring results,
  • Training of the sales department to maximize sales results,
  • Reduction of the average time from the first contact with the customer to contract signing by up to 50 days,
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction and relationships between customers and company employees,
  • Reduction of marketing costs through more efficient lead utilization and increased sales department effectiveness.
Undoubtedly, this collaboration brought immense benefits to the company owner. The achieved results contributed to the improvement of the company’s financial performance and enhanced the working comfort of the sales department through a significant improvement in employee-customer relationships.

How to scale sales?

What is the sales process? It is a set of guidelines that every salesperson should adhere to in order to effectively perform their job. In every aspect of life, strategy is crucial. Similarly, like in a game of football, a well-developed sales process acts as a tactic, bringing us closer to achieving the intended goal – closing the sale. It should be transparent, tailored to the individual needs of the enterprise, and enable easy monitoring of progress and results. The sales process sets the standard for sales advisors and answers the question of how to scale sales.

We will prepare a specific action plan aimed at improving sales in your company. We will assist in each of the following aspects:

  • Preparation of a professional sales process,
  • Tightening the sales funnel,
  • Implementation of the process into the enterprise’s IT systems,
  • Preparation of an incentive system for the sales department,
  • Preparation of a reporting and measurement system,
  • Training the sales team on how to effectively utilize the new process,
  • Equalization of sales results among salespeople in the company. Each salesperson will have,
  • Measurable improvement in sales results and customer satisfaction level.

Get to know the person from whom everything started.

Wiktor Nowak

A Master of Economics, a graduate of the University of Economics in Krakow. Engaged in sales for over 10 years. Throughout his career, he had the pleasure of collaborating with brands such as Renault, Volkswagen, Volvo, or Porsche. He has progressed through positions from sales roles to managerial and leadership positions, culminating in owning his own company. Fascinated by sales and marketing from a young age. A perfectionist who sees art in sales. He believes in the power of processes and procedures, which when properly tailored and implemented, ensure continuous development.

Privately, he is a passionate enthusiast of automotive industry, Formula 1, track driving, and SimRacing. He gained experience in sports driving on both Polish and foreign tracks. He participated in the Porsche Ice Experience Drive academy.

Jak skalować sprzedaż

Why is it worth using the services of a sales consultant?

Effective sales is a key element of success for any company. Managing the sales process requires a proper plan, strategy, and systematic approach, similar to other areas of business. Just as athletes need the right tactics before a match, you also need a refined and effective sales strategy.

A properly designed and implemented sales process not only increases the efficiency of the sales department but also improves customer satisfaction, builds brand loyalty, and facilitates result analysis. Our actions aim to systematize sales processes to minimize differences in sales skills among employees and ensure consistency in actions at every stage of the sales process.

The optimization of sales processes serves as a sort of “user manual” that contributes to the growth of your company’s profits by improving sales efficiency.

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